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Give Incredible Value Everywhere (G.I.V.E.) – The Secret to Effective Networking

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Let me tell you the key to a successful real estate business, and to all business in general. And that is:





The acronym I’ve created is G.I.V.E. And I live by this philosophy every day. The idea is that with every person you meet, you should try to add value to their life. In other words, help solve people’s problems without expecting anything in return.

Value comes in so many different forms. It could be calling someone on their birthday. It could be writing a thank you letter to the server who provided excellent customer service at the restaurant you ate at. It could be bringing tea to your coworker or your employee when they’re not feeling well.

People have this misconception that to be in real estate or in business, you need to be incredibly smart or talented. When in all honesty, you just need to work hard and be good with people. If you help people, people will want to help you. And you won’t go far in real estate or business if people don’t want to help you.

I am not in the real estate business. I am in the PEOPLE business. Real estate is just a tool I use to Give Incredible Value Everywhere.

If you don’t know how you can help someone, then start listening to and caring about people. You can always ask, “What can I do to help you?”

People are generally willing to share their struggles when they know you care. And once you know what they need, find a way to help. When we always help people without expecting to get something back, we tend to get something positive in return in some way or another.

No matter where you’re at in business – whether you’re just starting out or already in the trenches – adopting this philosophy will drastically improve your business.

I also HOPE that selflessly adding value to others would make you feel good as a person. Believe it or not, it actually feels amazing when you shift your mindset from being self-focused to others-focused. So, I encourage you to adopt this philosophy whether you’re in business or not.

The overall takeaway from this article? Just be a good person. Help others. Serve people.


If you’ve read this far, don’t let the time you spent reading this go to waste. Take action and change how you behave.

I challenge you to G.I.V.E (Give Incredible Value Everywhere). For the next 30 days, try to add value to at least one person every single day.

Remember, adding value doesn’t mean you need to change someone’s life. It just means you have to find a way to show someone you care about them.

If you have any questions about real estate, or if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a home – ANYWHERE in the world – please contact me. I would be more than happy to chat.

If you want to learn more about real estate, finance, or fitness, please subscribe to the website to be notified of any new articles. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you.

Justin Yurong

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