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How To Earn Money Instantly – A Different Perspective

Most of us work to generate income. We trade our time for money.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to trade your time for money. And I’m not talking about a long-term passive income approach. I’m talking about earning money instantly.


Let’s imagine a person earns $20 per hour at their job. Let’s also imagine they just worked eight hours today, earning $160. That person then sees a pair of shoes for sale online for $160.

In this situation, these shoes are appealing to them, but certainly won’t make a drastic difference in their long-term happiness and they have enough shoes to satisfy their lifestyle needs.

They have two options:

Buy the shoes.


Don’t buy the shoes.


If this person buys the shoes, not only do they waste the $160, but they waste the eight hours they just worked to earn the money to buy them. This is not to say that all spending is a waste. It’s only a waste if you buy something that doesn’t truly bring you happiness or good use.


If this same person refrains from buying the shoes, they instantly earn $160 by not buying them. To them, refraining from spending $160 is essentially the same thing as them working a $20/hour job for eight hours.


So tell me, would you rather earn $160 after eight hours of work, or in an instant?

By not buying something you want (but don’t need), you save yourself both time AND money.

Money Saved = Money Earned

In the case of an unnecessary purchase, saving your money for something more useful is the same thing as earning money. If you’re buying something you truly NEED, then this mindset doesn’t apply.

That’s the tricky part – identifying what you need and what you want. This depends completely upon the person and needs to be established before you go out to shop again.


The next time you're about to buy something you don't really need, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How much money would I instantly “earn” if I didn’t buy this?

  2. How much time would I save myself if I didn’t buy this?

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Justin Yurong

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1 commentaire

john shamshoian
19 août 2019

Excellent perspective!!

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