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The Single Most Important Factor to Achieving the Body of Your Dreams

There are so many factors involved in achieving your dream physique – like consistency, dedication, exercise, good nutrition, and sleep – but I’m going to explain to you the most important one.

And that factor is your WHY – the reason behind your desire to change.

If you really want to transform your body and your lifestyle, you’re going to need to know the REAL reason why you want to change. And that reason will always be more meaningful than you “wanting to look better.” Usually, it’s deeply rooted and you need to take time to think about what that reason is.

In my opinion, ALL massive changes result from an insecurity.

For me, my physical transformation came from me not liking how I looked. I remember always sucking in my stomach whenever I was shirtless or whenever I wore a tight shirt, because I wasn’t proud of how I looked and felt. My motivation wasn’t simply me wanting to look better. My motivation came from my insecurity of how I looked to other people. I wanted to feel confident in myself.

May 2015 – April 2018

That was my WHY, and it came from a very powerful insecurity.


So now, I encourage you to find yours – I promise you have one. You wouldn’t be reading this article otherwise.

Take time to think about the real reason why you want to transform your body. Once you discover your WHY, the rest will follow.

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Justin Yurong

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